Coach Class–A Phan Page for the Little People


Ripped From the Headlines

fake newspaper clipping


Bobby!!!® knows that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so he was thrilled to be mentioned in none other than Page Six. He’s grateful to the many phans who sent in this clipping in hopes of getting it autographed. Remember, folks, Bobby!!!® can’t help you out unless you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

With Michael Jackson?

With Michael JacksonBobby!!!® performs with a Michael Jackson impersonator during karaoke night in Branson’s hottest club, the Thirsty Pig Tavern and Auction House.

Larry King Live?

Larry King

Bobby!!! and Larry share a moment.

Talk show icon Larry King was thrilled to have Bobby!!!® as his final interviewee on CNN. Ever the charmer, Bobby!!!® broke the ice by saying Larry has almost as much color as Anderson Cooper.

Bobby’s!!!® Roots

Posing with a sculptureBobby!!!® may have had a traumatic childhood in Branson, Mo., but at least there was always deep-fried food on the table. He last visited the homestead in 1998 and noticed how the house looked so much smaller than when he was a child. Plans are afoot to turn this house into “Bobby!!!®land,” if the proper zoning permits can be obtained. Stay tuned, phans.