VIP Room

Hollywood ♥s Bobby!!!®

Steven Spielberg

Moguls adore Bobby!!!

“I want Bobby!!!® for the remake of Schindler’s List.” — Steven Spielberg

What Can I Say?

Evangelist Pat Robertson

700 Club members can’t be wrong

“Bobby!!!® Superstarsensation is ruining this country, but I love the “Big Booty Dance.” — Pat Robertson


International Sensation

North Korean leader

Bobby!!! is huge in Pyongyang.

“Bobby!!!® is No. 1 celebrity in North Korea.” — Kim Jong-un

Whitney Houston: 1963-2012

Bobby and Whitney Houston

Bobby!!! was robbed of an Oscar.

Bobby!!!® absolutely adored Whitney. And Whitney was so sad when Bobby’s!!!® career died.

Vintage Bobby!!!®

Bobby at Studio 54

Bobby!!! was trendy before trendy was trendy.

Here’s an oldie from Bobby’s!!!® personal photo album. Oh, the stories Bobby!!!® could tell if he knew any.